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Pseudolepiota Z.W. Ge, in Ge & Yang, Phytotaxa 312(2): 252 (2017)

Etymology: The name is a combination of the Latin Pseudo” (false) and the genus name Lepiota. The name is given due to the false appearance as well as overlapping some similar morphological characters with Lepiota.

Diagnosis: Differs from Hymenagaricus and other genera within Agaricaceae by the combination of the following characters: agaricoid basidiomata having white lamellae and white context, not changing color or becoming grey on bruising, basidiospores white, without germ pore, stipe covered with easily detached band-like floccose squamules, pileipellis a subcutis layer, and hyphae without clamp connections.

Index fungorum number: IF820481

Type species: Pseudolepiota zangmui Z.W. Ge 2017, in Ge & Yang, Phytotaxa 312(2): 252 (2017)


Ge Z-W, Yang Z-L 2017. Pseudolepiota zangmui gen. et sp. nov. (Agaricaceae, Basidiomycota), a new white-spored mushroom from China. Phytotaxa 312(2):247255


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