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Giacomia Vizzini & Contu, in Vizzini et al., Mycosphere 3(1): 84 (2012)

Etymology: named in honour of Abbé Giacomo Bresadola, eminent Italian mycologist, and father of the species name.

Diagnosis: Basidiomata agaricoid (with distinct pileus, lamellae and stipe), partial veil present as an arachnoid cortina, basidiospores with amyloid warts, cheilocystidia often abundant, filamentous, pileal surface a cutis of repent to interwoven, cylindrical hyphae, clamp-connections present, no sarcodimitic texture in any part of the basidioma. On the ground, never on wood.

Index Fungorum number: IF564428

Type species: Giacomia mirabilis (Bres.) Vizzini & Contu, in Vizzini et al., Mycosphere 3(1): 84 (2012)



Giacomia mirabilis (Bres.) Vizzini & Contu 2012

Giacomia mirabilis f. mirabilis (Bres.) Vizzini & Contu 2012



Vizzini, A.; Ercole, E.; Contu, M. 2012. A contribution to the ITS-LSU phylogeny of the genus Leucopaxillus (Tricholomatoid clade, Agaricales), with three new genera and notes on Porpoloma. Mycosphere. 3(1):79-90


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