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Trichocybe Vizzini 2010, in Vizzini et al., Fungal Diversity, 42, 97-105 (2010)

Etymology: the name derives from the Greek words trichós/τριχός hairand kúbe/κύβη head, in reference to the complex trichodermic structure of the pileipellis.

Diagnosis: (In Latin) Habitus collybio-clitocyboideus, lamellae adnexae; velum membranosum vel arachnoideum deest. Sporae in cumulo albae, sub lente hyalinae, laeves, haud amyloideae, haud destrinoideae, tenuitunicatae. Basidia haud hygrophoroidea, granulis siderophilis destituta; cheilocystidia saepe praesentes, oleiferae rarae; pilei pellis e squamulis pyramidalibus et ex hyphis fasciculatis erectisque constitutes efformata; subpellis ex hyphis ventricosis, frequenter inflatis, vel ampullaceis ad instar Singerocybei phaeophthalmae constituta; stipitipellis ex hyphis diverticulitis constituta, haud sarcomdimitica. Fibulae praesentes. Ad matricem ligneam.

Index Fungorum Number: IF512688

Type species: Trichocybe puberula  (Kuyper) Vizzini 2010, in Vizzini et al., Fungal Diversity, 42, 97-105 (2010)


Trichocybe puberula (Kuyper) Vizzini 2010



Vizzini, A., & Musumeci, E., & Murat, C. (2010). Trichocybe, a new genus for Clitocybe puberula (Agaricomycetes, Agaricales). Fungal Diversity, 42, 97-105.


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