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Zhuliangomyces Redhead, Index Fungorum 385: 1 (2019)

Etymology: Named in honour of Dr Zhuliang Yang

Pileus and stipe glutinous to viscid. Lacking volva traces on a central elongated stipe which has a subcylindrical to downward attenuated, scarcely enlarged base with strongly gelatinized annulus when present. Pileipellis an ixotrichoderm composed of subcylindric cells and lacking short chains of inflated cells. Lamellae free to nearly free, crowded, with a bilateral trama. Lacking hymenial cystidia. Clamp connections abundant. Basidiospores nonamyloid, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth to slightly verruculose with a conspicuously enlarged apiculus. Terrestrial in forests.

Index Fungorum number: IF555403

Type species: Zhuliangomyces olivaceus (Zhu L. Yang, Y.Y. Cui & Q. Cai) Redhead, Index Fungorum 385: 1 (2019)



Zhuliangomyces illinitus (Fr.) Redhead 2019

Zhuliangomyces lenticularis (Lasch) Redhead 2019

Zhuliangomyces ochraceoluteus (P.D. Orton) Redhead 2019

Zhuliangomyces olivaceus (Zhu L. Yang, Y.Y. Cui & Q. Cai) Redhead 2019

Zhuliangomyces pakistanicus Usman & Khalid 2020

Zhuliangomyces subillinitus (Guzmán) Redhead 2019



 Redhead SA. 2019. Nomenclatural novelties. Index Fungorum. 385: 1–1


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