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Crassisporium Matheny, P.A. Moreau & Vizzini, in Matheny et al., Systematics and Biodiversity 13(1): 31 (2014)

Etymology: crassus, Latin, means thick, and sporium, Latin, spore; in reference to the thick-walled basidiospores (gender: neuter).

Diagnosis: Basidiomata naucorioid, pileus hygrophanous, veil present. Lamellae attached (adnate). Basidiospores smooth, ovate or subangular, wider in face view than in profile, thick-walled (>0.5 mm thick) and with a broad or conspicuous germ pore (often >0.5 mm wide), brownish yellow to golden yellow in water mounts, becoming rusty brown to reddish brown or rich reddish cinnamon in KOH. Pleurocystidia and chrysocystidia absent, cheilocystidia present. Pileipellis a cutis, not gelatinized. Hymenophoral trama regular to subregular, subhymenium not gelatinized. Clamp connections present. Carbonicolous.

Index Fungorum number: IF807853

Type Species: Crassisporium funariophilum (M.M. Moser) Matheny, P.A. Moreau & Vizzini, in Matheny et al., Systematics and Biodiversity 13(1): 33 (2014)



Crassisporium chilense (M.M. Moser) Matheny, P.-A. Moreau & Vizzini 2014

Crassisporium funariophilum (M.M. Moser) Matheny, P.-A. Moreau & Vizzini 2014

Crassisporium squarrulosum (Singer) Matheny, P.-A. Moreau & Vizzini 2014



Matheny PB; Moreau PA; Vizzini A; Harrower, E; de Haan A; Contu M; Curti M. 2014. Crassisporium and Romagnesiella: two new genera of dark-spored Agaricales. Systematics and Biodiversity. 13(1):28–41


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