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Etymology: From the Greek words βρύον (bryon, referring to the moss) and περδεσθαι (perdesthai, meaning to break wind, and referring to Lycoperdon), and thus referring to the association of this puffball with moss.

Diagnosis: Basidiome small, ovoid, with mycelial cords; subgleba absent; capillitium of the Lycoperdon type; basidiospores smooth to minutely pustulose-verrucose, without debris of broken sterigmata; on moss covering tree trunks, logs and rocks.

Index Fungorum number: IF819911

Type species: Bryoperdon acuminatum (Bosc) Vizzini, in Vizzini & Ercole, Phytotaxa 299(1): 80 (2017)



Vizzini A; Ercole E. 2017. Detecting the phylogenetic position of Bovista acuminata (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) by an ITS-LSU combined analysis: the new genus Bryoperdon and revisitation of Lycoperdon subgen. Apioperdon. Phytotaxa 299(1), 77– 86


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