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Mycopan Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, in Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 1 (2013)


Etymology: An allusion to mythical Pan and his furry legs and woodland home.


Diagnosis: Basidiomes mycenoid, sordid. Pileus hoary to pruinose, becoming naked and polished, moist to lubricous. Lamellae whitish to greyish. Stipe fibrillose to furfuraceous, with sordid grey fibrils. Basidiospores amyloid, hyaline, thin-walled. Pleurocystidia and cheilocystidia fusoid ventricose to cylindrical. Pileocystidia and caulocystidia scatter, similar to hymenial cystidia. Tissues nonamyloid.


Index Fungorum number: IF550116


Type species: Mycopan scabripes (Murrill) Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, in Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 1 (2013)


Notes: Phylogenetically in the Agaricales closest to Baeospora (Moncalvo et al. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 23: 357-400. 2002). Habitat: On plant debris in soil. Gender: masculine



Redhead, SA. 2013. Nomenclatural novelties. Index Fungorum. 15:1-2



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