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Mythicomyces Redhead & A.H. Sm., Canadian Journal of Botany 64(3): 643 (1986)

Etymology: from Greek mythikòs = mythical and mykes = fungus.

Development gymnocarpic. Habit mycenoid/collybioid to phaeocollybia-like. Pileus obtusely conical later convex, with a broad umbo, up to 4/5-striate, hygrophanous, greasy-shiny, slightly viscid, smooth, reddish brown, orange brown, at margin yellowish brown. Lamellae adnate to narrowly adnate, crowded, straw yellow, then cinnamon to greyish-brown. Stipe central, smooth, cartilaginous, rigid, glossy, shiny, flexuous, red brown at apex, darker and discolouring brown to blackish towards the base, with a tawny basal mycelial tomentum. Smell indistinct, taste indistinct or slightly bitterish. Spore print greyish brown to yellowish brown, pale purplish brown. Spores ovoid to ellipsoid, often somewhat inequilateral, minutely roughened, punctate-verruculose, with a small plage, lacking a germ-pore, thick-walled; pale greyish to yellowish brown in water (practically hyaline) under the microscope, cyanophilous, dextrinoid, inamyloid, slightly metachromatic in Cresyl blue, binucleate. Basidia usually 4-spored. Cheilocystidia and Pleurocystidia metuloid (thick-walled), thin-walled at the pedicel, abundant, ventricose, utriform to lageniform or fusiform, someones with hyaline crystals at apex, moderately amyloid in the apical part. Pileipellis a thin ixocutis. Caulocystidia present. Clamp-connections present. Tissues non-sarcodimitic.

Index Fungorum number: IF25768

Type species: Mythicomyces corneipes (Fr.) Redhead & A.H. Sm., in Redhead et al. Mycotaxon 118: 456 (2011)

Ecology and distribution: Saprotrophic on plant debris, mainly wood, in wet, mossy areas, usually hemi-boreal to boreal, Europe, North America and Asia.



Redhead S.A., Smith A.H. 1986. Two new genera of agarics based on Psilocybe corneipes and Phaeocollybia perplexa. Canadian Journal of Botany. 64(3):643-647

Vizzini, A; Consiglio, G; Marchetti, M. 2019. Mythicomycetaceae fam. nov. (Agaricineae, Agaricales) for accommodating the genera Mythicomyces and Stagnicola, and Simocybe parvispora reconsidered. Fungal Systematics and Evolution. 3:41-56


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