Agaricales » Porotheleaceae


Phloeomana Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 2 (2013)

Etymology: Alluding to phloeo- (G. tree bark) and to 'mana' (Oceanic: vaguely referring to spirit or), i.e. a bark spirit.

Diagnosis: Basidiomes mycenoid, fuscous, on bark and decayed phloem. Lamellae broadly attached, with decurrent tooth or arcuate. Basidiospores nonamyloid, smooth, thin-walled. Pileus tissues nonreactive in Melzer's reagent, not encrusted. Cheilocystidia abundant, only slightly differentiated from basidia. Pleurocystidia absent except near lamellar edge. Pileipellis hyphae with branched excresences. Stipitipellis hyphae smooth, with patches of irregular cystidioid end cells.

Index Fungorum number: IF550123

Type species: Phloeomana speirea (Fr.) Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 2 (2013)

Note: Phylogenetically in the Agaricales, Porotheleaceae. Gender: feminine



Phloeomana alba (Bres.) Redhead 2016

Phloeomana clavata (Peck) Redhead 2016

Phloeomana hiemalis (Osbeck) Redhead 2016

Phloeomana minutula (Sacc.) Redhead 2016

Phloeomana neospeirea (Singer) Gminder 2016

Phloeomana speirea (Fr.) Redhead 2013

Phloeomana speirea f. alcalina (Fr.) Lüderitz & H. Lehmann 2018

Phloeomana speirea f. alcalina Lüderitz & H. Lehmann 2019

Phloeomana speirea f. speirea (Fr.) Redhead 2013



Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 2 (2013)


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