Agaricales » Psathyrellaceae


Cystoagaricus Singer, Mycologia 39(1): 85 (1947)

Diagnosis: Basidiomata small to medium sized, non-deliquescent, lignicolous. Cap grey, brown, dark brown, sometimes olivaceous, fibrillose, squamulose, spiny, or squarrose, striate or not; veil present. Lamellae often crowded, adnate to adnexed, pale, becoming dark brown. Stem fibrillose, scaly, or with an annulus. Context sometimes blackening. Spores small to medium-sized, often irregular, subtriangular, subrectangular, or mitriform. Cheilo- and pleurocystidia present, often utriform or clavate.

Index Fungorum number: IF17445

Type species: Cystoagaricus strobilomyces (Murrill) Singer, Mycologia 39(1): 86 (1947)



Cystoagaricus hirtosquamulosus (Peck) Örstadius & E. Larss. 2015

Cystoagaricus jujuyensis Singer 1973

Cystoagaricus olivaceogriseus (A.H. Sm.) Örstadius & E. Larss. 2015

Cystoagaricus propinquus (A.H. Sm.) Voto 2019

Cystoagaricus sachaensis Singer 1977

Cystoagaricus squarrosiceps (Singer) Örstadius & E. Larss. 2015

Cystoagaricus strobilomyces (Murrill) Singer 1947

Cystoagaricus subamarus (A.H. Sm.) Voto 2019

Cystoagaricus sylvestris (Gillet) Örstadius & E. Larss. 2015

Cystoagaricus trisulphuratus (Berk.) Singer 1947

Cystoagaricus weberi (Murrill) Voto 2019