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Corneriella Sánchez-García, in Sánchez-García et al., Taxon 63(5) : 1000 (2014)

Etymology: Named after Edred John Henry Corner, a British botanist and mycologist who described Cantharellula humicola, a species now transferred to this genus.

Diagnosis: Habit tricholomatoid. Lamellae adnexed to sinuate or decurrent, sometimes forked, white when young, becoming darker. Spores amyloid, smooth, thin-walled. Cheilocystidia present, conspicuous, of various shapes, cylindric to flexuous, lageniform or fusoid, thin-walled. Pleurocystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis with suberect to erect terminal cells. Clamp connections present. On soil and humus. Putatively saprotrophic.

Index Fungorum number: IF808480

Type species : Corneriella bambusarum (Desjardin & Hemmes) Sánchez-García, in Sánchez-García et al., Taxon 63(5): 1000 (2014)



Corneriella bambusarum (Desjardin & Hemmes) Sánchez-García 2014

Corneriella humicola (Corner) Sánchez-García 2014

Corneriella indica K.N.A. Raj & Manim. 2015



Sánchez-García M., Matheny P.B., Palfner G., Lodge D.J. 2014. Deconstructing the Tricholomataceae (Agaricales) and introduction of the new genera Albomagister, Corneriella, Pogonoloma and Pseudotricholoma. Taxon. 63(5):993-1007


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