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Myrmecopterula Leal-Dutra, Dentinger & G.W. Griff., in Leal-Dutra, et al., IMA Fungus 11(no. 2): 12 (2020)

Etymology: From the ancient Greek μύρμηκος (=mýrmēkos), genitive form of μύρμηξ (=mýrmēx), ants. Thus, Pterula of the ants, due to the observed relationship of several taxa in this genus with nests of fungus-growing ants.

Diagnosis: Differs from Pterula in the presence of the cottony subiculum. Basidiome if present bushy, pteruloid, white-cream to light brown and greyish surface, normally concolorous or stipe with a darker tone than the hymenophore, arising from cottony subiculum with mycelial cords. Stipe surface sterile. Hyphal system, dimitic hyphal system. Basidiospores relatively small spores, usually less than 7 μm wide.

Index Fungorum Number: IF831048

Type species: Myrmecopterula moniliformis (Henn.) Leal- Dutra, Dentinger & G.W. Griff., in Leal-Dutra, et al., IMA Fungus 11(no. 2): 12 (2020)



Myrmecopterula moniliformis (Henn.) Leal-Dutra, Dentinger & G.W. Griff. 2020

Myrmecopterula nudihortorum (Dentinger) Leal-Dutra, Dentinger & G.W. Griff. 2020

Myrmecopterula velohortorum (Dentinger) Leal-Dutra, Dentinger & G.W. Griff. 2020



Leal-Dutra, CA; Griffith, GW; Neves, MA; McLaughlin, DJ; McLaughlin, EG; Clasen, LA; Dentinger, BTM. 2020. Reclassification of Pterulaceae Corner (Basidiomycota: Agaricales) introducing the ant-associated genus Myrmecopterula gen. nov., Phaeopterula Henn. and the corticioid Radulomycetaceae fam. nov. IMA Fungus. 11(no. 2):1-24


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