Agaricales » Strophariaceae¬†


Protostropharia Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, in Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 2 (2013)


Etymology: Proto- (early), Stropharia.


Diagnosis: Distinguished from Stropharia by the formation of astrocystidia rather than acanthocytes on mycelium including that at the bases of basidiomes and in cracks and pockets within the dung substrate. Protostropharia astrocystidia consisting of short branch hyphae bearing terminal globose heads of sharp, coarse hyaline crystals (presumably calcium oxalate) in contrast to the encrusted dendroid hyphal ends bearing a stellate mass of needle sharp and shaped crystalline branches characteristic of true acanthocytes formed by Stropharia sensu stricto. Coprophilous. Pileus and stipe glutinous. Basidiospores smooth, thick-walled, with a germ pore. Pleurocystidia are chrysocystidia. Clamp connections present


Index Fungorum number: IF550114


Type species: Protostropharia semiglobata (Batsch) Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, in Redhead, Index Fungorum 15: 2 (2013)

Notes: Phylogenetically in the Agaricales, Strophariaceae, separated from Stropharia (Moncalvo et al. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 23: 357-400. 2002; Walther et al., Mycol. Res. 109: 525-544. 2005). Gender: feminine



Protostropharia alcis (Kytöv.) Redhead, Thorn & Malloch 2013

Protostropharia alcis var. alcis (Kytöv.) Redhead, Thorn & Malloch 2013

Protostropharia arctica (Kytöv.) Redhead 2014

Protostropharia dorsipora (Esteve-Rav. & Barrasa) Redhead 2014

Protostropharia islandica (Kytöv.) Redhead 2014

Protostropharia luteonitens (Fr.) Redhead 2014

Protostropharia ochraceoviridis (García Mon.) C. Hahn 2014

Protostropharia ovalispora Yen W. Wang & S.S. Tzean 2015

Protostropharia semiglobata (Batsch) Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys 2013

Protostropharia semiglobata var. semiglobata (Batsch) Redhead, Moncalvo & Vilgalys 2013

Protostropharia tuberosa (Beardslee) Redhead 2014



Redhead, SA. 2013. Nomenclatural novelties. Index Fungorum. 15:1-2


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