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Grammatus H.S. Yuan & Decock, in Yuan et al., MycoKeys   35: 32 (2018)

Etymology: grammatus: referring to the hymenophore striped with raised line

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual, resupinate, coriaceous; hymenophoral surface cream to pale buff, covered by evenly distributed blunt-pointed spines or irregularly irpicoid to subporoid, then developing into labyrinthiform to sinuous pores; hymenium restricted to the area surrounding the spines or the bottom of the tubes. Subiculum very thin. Spine or tubes corky, concolorous with hymenophoral surface, shallow. Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae bearing clamp connections; skeletal hyphae IKI, CB+; tissue unchanged in KOH. Skeletocystidia clavate, upper part heavily encrusted. Dendrohyphidia present. Basidia subglobose, longitudinally septate. Basidiospores oblongellipsoid to cylindrical, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, IKI, CB–.

Index Fungorum number: IF825392

Type species: Grammatus labyrinthinus H.S. Yuan & Decock, in Yuan et al., MycoKeys   35: 32 (2018)



Grammatus labyrinthinus H.S. Yuan & Decock 2018

Grammatus semis (Spirin & Malysheva) H.S. Yuan & Decock 2018



Yuan HS, Lu X, Decock C. 2018. Molecular and morphological evidence reveal a new genus and species in Auriculariales from tropical China. MycoKeys. 35:27-39


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