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Guyanaporus T.W. Henkel & M.E. Sm., in Henkel et al., Mycologia 108(1): 164 (2016)


Etymology: Guyana, in reference to the country of origin; and -porus (Latin sm. II) for the poroid hymenophore.

Diagnosis: Basidiomata epigeous. Pileus grayish brown, dry, tomentulose, trama white to pale yellow, bluing slowly on exposure. Hymenophore tubulose, shallowly depressed at stipe, grayish yellow, bluing slowly with pressure, immature pores nearly stuffed, eventually ovate and angular. Stipe equal, grayish brown, pale yellow at extreme apex, longitudinally striate to reticulate at apex, base densely white tomentose, trama white, unchanging. Basidiospores brownish olive in deposit, smooth, inamyloid. Pleurocystidia present. Cheilocystidia absent. Hymenophoral trama parallel to slightly divergent (phylloporoid), mediostratum barely distinct, concolorous. Pileipellis a trichodermium with variously-shaped terminal elements. Stipitipellis hymenidermous at apex. Clamp connections absent.

Index Fungorum number: IF811836       

Type species: Guyanaporus albipodus T.W. Henkel & Husbands 2016, in Henkel et al., Mycologia 108(1): 164 (2016)


Key References

Henkel TW, Obase K, Husbands D, Uehling JK, Bonito G, Aime MC, Smith ME (2016) New Boletaceae taxa from Guyana: Binderoboletus segoi gen. and sp. nov., Guyanaporus albipodus gen. and sp. nov., Singerocomus rubriflavus gen. and sp. nov., and a new combination for Xerocomus inundabilis. Mycologia 108(1):157173


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