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Ionosporus O. Khmelnitsky, in Khmelnitskyet al., Mycol. Progr. 18(3): 444 (2019)


Etymology: Ion (ιον, Greek for violet) + spora (σπορα, Greek for spore); in reference to the violet reaction of the spores in contact with KOH

Basidiomata epigeous, dry, dark gray to sooty gray-brown on pileus and stipe. Hymenophore tubulose with angular pores, whitish to grayish yellow to pale greenish yellow, staining red when bruised. Stipe usually central, finely but conspicuously reticulate and densely finely subpruinose, conspicuously white at the base; context white or very pale yellow, unchanging when exposed. Spores pale violet to reddish brown in deposit, deeply purple-violet in dilute KOH solutions, dextrinoid in Melzers reagent, fusoid to elongate, appearing smooth with bright field light microscopy, barely granulose with Nomarski DIC optics, irregularly and finely granulose to pitted granulose with SEM, sometimes with a faint germ pore. Clamp connections absent

Index fungorum number: IF827132

Type species: Ionosporus longipes  (Massee) Khmeln., Davoodian, Raspé, S.M.L. Lee & Halling 2019, in Khmelnitskyet al., Mycol. Progr. 18(3): 444 (2019)



Ionosporus australis Khmeln. & Halling 2019

Ionosporus longipes (Massee) Khmeln., Davoodian, Raspé, S.M.L. Lee & Halling 2019



Khmelnitsky O et al. (2019). Ionosporus: a new genus for Boletus longipes (Boletaceae), with a new species, I. australis, from Australia. Mycol Prog 18(3):439451


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