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Nevesoporus A.C. Magnago, Alves-Silva & T.W Henkel 2022, in Magnago, et al., Mycologia 114, 607-625 (2022)

Etymology: In honor of the Brazilian mycologist Maria Alice Neves, and -porus (Latin), for the poroid hymenophore.

Diagnosis: Basidiomata epigeous, small; hymenophore tubulose-poroid, off-white, maturing pinkish, unchanging or blackish bruising reaction; pores 12 mm diam, angular, occasionally sublamellate near stipe; stipe blackish, glabrous to subvelutinous; basidiospores dark reddish brown in deposit; hymenophoral trama phylloporoid to subboletoid.

Index Fungorum NumberIF838703

Type species: Nevesoporus nigrostipitatus A.C. Magnago 2022, in Magnago, et al., Mycologia 114, 607-625 (2022)


Nevesoporus exiguus (T.W. Henkel) A.C. Magnago & T.W. Henkel 2022

Nevesoporus nigrostipitatus A.C. Magnago 2022



Magnago, A. C., & Alves-Silva, G., & Henkel, T. W., & da Silveira, R. M. B. (2022). New genera, species, and combinations of Boletaceae from Brazil and Guyana. Mycologia 114, 607-625.


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