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Naiadella Marvanová & Bandoni 1987, in Marvanová & Bandoni, Mycologia, 79(4), 578-586 (1987)

Etymology: Naias (Lat.), the name of a Roman stream goddess.

Diagnosis: Hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, with both primary and secondary septa, the former clamped, the latter clampless and abundant in some hyphae; hyphal branches short, determinate, clampless, at right angles to the main axis or, alternatively, indeterminate, arising from clamps on the main axis and typically clamped near their origin; lateral binucleate cells with filamentous extensions present, these closely resembling haustoria! branches of mycoparasitic Tremella spp. [e.g., as illustrated for T. steidleri (Bres.) Bourd. & Galz. in Bandoni, 1984]. Conidiophores micro- to semimacronematous, single or aggregated. Conidiogenous cells clamped basally, monoblastic, the protoplasm transferring completely to the single conidium, thereafter collapsing. Conidia navicular, with several bristle-like branches distally. Secession rhexolytic. Conidial cytoplasm emptying into the germ tube at germination.

Index Fungorum Number: IF11138

Type species: Naiadella fluitans Marvanová & Bandoni 1987, in Marvanová & Bandoni, Mycologia, 79(4), 578-586 (1987)


Naiadella fluitans Marvanová & Bandoni 1987


Marvanová, L., & Bandoni, R. J. (1987). Naiadella fluitans gen. et sp. nov.: a conidial basidiomycete. Mycologia, 79(4), 578-586.


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