Holtermanniales » Rhynchogastremaceae


Bandoniozyma Boekhout, P. Valente, Pagnocca, C.A. Rosa, C.F. Lee, S.O. Suh, M. Blackw., G. Péter & Fell 2012, in Valente et al., PLoS ONE 7(10): e46060 (2012).

Etymology: The genus is named in honour of Robert (Bob) J. Bandoni, University of British Columbia, who dedicated his life to the study of the Tremellales.

Diagnosis: Budding cells are globose, subglobose, ovoid or ellipsoidal. Asexual reproduction is by polar or multilateral budding. Colonies are white, cream- colored to yellowish, smooth and butyrous ormucoid. Hyphae or pseudohyphae may be present. Clamp connections may be present. Sexual reproduction was not observed. Ballistoconidia are not produced. Fermentation of glucose is generally present. Diazonium blue B and urease reactions are positive. Growth on myo-inositol and D-glucuronate are positive, but growth on nitrate is negative. Starch-like compounds are generally formed.

Index Fungorum Number: IF563851

Type Species: Bandoniozyma noutii Boekhout, Fell, Scorzetti & Theelen 2012, in Valente et al., PLoS ONE 7(10): e46060 (2012).


Bandoniozyma aquatica L.R. Brandão, P. Valente, Pimenta & C.A. Rosa 2012

Bandoniozyma complexa Landell, Pagnocca, L.D. Sette, Passarini, K.M. Garcia, J.R.A. Ribeiro, C.F. Lee, L.R. Brandão, C.A. Rosa & P. Valente 2012

Bandoniozyma fermentans C.F. Lee 2012

Bandoniozyma glucofermentans S.O. Suh & M. Blackw. 2012

Bandoniozyma noutii Boekhout, Fell, Scorzetti & Theelen 2012

Bandoniozyma tunnelae Boekhout, Fell, Scorzetti & Theelen 2012

Bandoniozyma visegradensis G. Péter & Dlauchy 2012



Valente, P., Boekhout, T., Landell, M. F., Crestani, J., Pagnocca, F. C., Sette, L. D., Passarini, M. R. Z., Rosa, C. A., Brandão, L. R., Pimenta, R. S., Ribeiro, J. R., Garcia, K. M., Lee, C. F., Suh, S. O., Péter, G., Dlauchy, D., Fell, J. W., Scorzetti, G., Theelen, B., & Vainstein, M. H. (2012). Bandoniozyma gen. nov., a Genus of Fermentative and Non-Fermentative Tremellaceous Yeast Species. PLoS ONE, 7(10), e46060.


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