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Coltriciella Murrill 1904, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual, stipitate, corky or brittle and light-weight when dry. Pilei rust-brown, velutinate, concentrically zonate or azonate, usually small, cap not exceeding 2 cm in diam. Pore surface brown; pores angular, 14 per mm. Context brown, coriaceous. Hyphal system monomitic; generative hyphae simple septate; tissue darkening in KOH. Basidiospores ellipsoid, subglobose or naviculate, mostly pale yellow to golden yellow or brown, rarely hyaline, fairly thick- to distinctly thick-walled, finely verrucose, mostly IKI, rarely dextrinoid, mostly CB, some CB (+). On ground or on decayed wood.

Externally the species of Coltriciella resemble those of Coltricia: they share brownish and stipitate basidiocarps, grow on the ground, and have a monomitic hyphal system. However, basidiospores of the Coltriciella are finely verrucose, while they are smooth in Coltricia. Phylogenetically these two genera make a strongly supported clade (Wagner & Fischer 2002; Larsson et al. 2006). Tedersoo et al. (2007) demonstrated that Coltriciella was placed in a monophyletic clade within Coltricia, and they confirmed four species of Coltricia and Coltriciella form ectomycorrhiza with the native trees in Seychelles. Their study provides further evidence that fruiting habit on dead wood does not indicate saprotrophic lifestyle.

Index Fungorum Number: IF17344

Type species: Coltriciella dependens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 1904, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)


Coltriciella baoshanensis Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui 2014

Coltriciella cartilaginea (G. Cunn.) Corner 1991

Coltriciella corticicola Corner 1991

Coltriciella corticicola Corner ex Y.C. Dai & Hai J. Li 2012

Coltriciella cylindrospora Vasco-Palac. & Ryvarden 2016

Coltriciella deceptiva (Lloyd) Corner 1991

Coltriciella dependens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 1904

Coltriciella globosa L.S. Bian & Y.C. Dai 2014

Coltriciella minuscula Susan, Retn. & Sukarno 2017

Coltriciella minuta Vasco-Palac. & Ryvarden 2016

Coltriciella multipileata R. Valenz., Raymundo, Decock & R. García-Sandoval 2020

Coltriciella naviculiformis Y.C. Dai & Niemelä 2006

Coltriciella navispora T.W. Henkel, Aime & Ryvarden 2003

Coltriciella oblectabilis (Lloyd) Kotl., Pouzar & Ryvarden 1984

Coltriciella pseudodependens L.S. Bian & Y.C. Dai 2014

Coltriciella pusilla (Imazeki & Kobayasi) Corner 1991

Coltriciella sonorensis R. Valenz., Esqueda & Decock 2012

Coltriciella subglobosa Y.C. Dai 2010

Coltriciella subpicta (Lloyd) Corner 1991

Coltriciella subpicta var. intenta Corner 1991

Coltriciella subpicta var. subpicta (Lloyd) Corner 1991

Coltriciella tasmanica (Cleland & Rodway) D.A. Reid 1963



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Tedersoo, L., & Suvi, T., & Beaver, K., & Saar, I. (2007). Ectomycorrhizas of Coltricia and Coltriciella (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) on Caesalpiniaceae, Dipterocarpaceae and Myrtaceae in Seychelles. Mycological Progress, 6, 101107.

Wagner, T., & Fischer, M. (2002). Proceedings towards a natural classification of the worldwide taxa Phellinus s.l. and Inonotus s.l., and phylogenetic relationships of allied genera. Mycologia, 94, 9981016.


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