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Onnia P. Karst. 1889, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual, sessile or stipitate. Pilei yellowish brown or rust-brown, tomentose, velutinate to rough. Pore surface brown to chestnut-brown. Context rust-brown, duplex, upper layer spongy, lower layer corky. Hyphal system monomitic; generative hyphae simple septate; tissue darkening in KOH. Basidiospores cylindrical or ellipsoid, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, IKI, CB–. On living trees or on decayed wood, both gymnosperm and angiosperm trees, or on ground close to them, causing a white rot.

Onnia is a homogeneous genus, and resembles Inonotopsis because of hyaline and thin-walled spores. Externally Onnia species often resemble Coltricia, and many authors include them in Inonotus. Amongst all hymenochaetoid taxa, Onnia stands out as a small but clear clade, and none of the above-mentioned genera are closely related (Wagner & Fischer 2002; Larsson et al. 2006). The nearest one is Porodaedalea Murrill, i.e. the Phellinus pini (Brot.) Murrill complex.

Index Fungorum Number: IF18159

Type species: Onnia circinata (Fr.) P. Karst. 1889


Onnia circinata (Fr.) P. Karst. 1889

Onnia cumingii (Berk.) Imazeki 1943

Onnia flavida (Berk.) Y.C. Dai 2001

Onnia himalayana Y.C. Dai, H. Zhao & Meng Zhou 2022

Onnia incisa (Lloyd) Imazeki 1952

Onnia kesiyae M. Zhou & F. Wu 2018

Onnia leporina (Fr.) H. Jahn 1978

Onnia microspora Y.C. Dai & L.W. Zhou 2017

Onnia musashiensis (Henn.) Imazeki 1943

Onnia orientalis (Lloyd) Imazeki 1943

Onnia scaura (Lloyd) Imazeki 1943

Onnia subpertusa Imazeki 1943

Onnia subtriquetra Vlasák & Y.C. Dai 2017

Onnia tibetica Y.C. Dai & S.H. He 2017

Onnia tomentosa (Fr.) P. Karst. 1889

Onnia triquetra (Pers.) Imazeki 1955

Onnia vallata (Berk.) Y.C. Dai & Niemelä 2005



Dai, Y.C. (2010). Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343.

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Wagner, T., & Fischer, M. (2002). Proceedings towards a natural classification of the worldwide taxa Phellinus s.l. and Inonotus s.l., and phylogenetic relationships of allied genera. Mycologia, 94, 9981016.


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