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Phellinotus Drechsler-Santos, Robledo & Rajchenb. 2016, in Drechsler-Santos et al., Phytotaxa, 261(3), 218-239 (2016).

Etymology: “Phellifrom Phellinus + “notus” (ear) from Inonotus, in reference to Phellinus s.l. and Inonotus s.l., which traditionally were considered dimitic and monotic, respectively. Phellinotus combines both dimitic and monomitic hyphal systems in different parts of basidiomata.

Diagnosis: Basidioma pileate, annual to perennial; hymenophore poroid. Hyphal system dimitic with skeletal hyphae found only in trama of tube layer; generative hyphae with simple septa, skeletal hyphae aseptate. Basidiospores ellipsoid, adaxially flattened, thick-walled, pale yellow, becoming chestnut brown in KOH solution. Setae and cystidioles absent.

Basidioma annual to perennial, pileate, applanate to ungulate, fulvous brown to dark brown. Pileus brown to blackened, rugose to rimose. Context with a black line near/below the upper surface, distinct or indistinct. Tubes stratified, with or without contextual tissue layer between them. Hymenophore poroid, pores irregularly rounded, fulvous brown to deep brown. Hyphal system dimitic with skeletal hyphae restricted to the trama of tube layer; contextual generative hyphae in different stages of development, thin- to thick-walled, first regularly septate, branched, becoming sclerified and some portions of thick-walled hyphae sparsely simple-septate; tramal hyphae with simpleseptate generative and skeletal hyphae. Setae and other sterile elements absent. Basidia not observed. Basidiospores broadly ellipsoid to ellipsoid, adaxially flattened, smooth, thick-walled, yellow in lactophenol, becoming chestnutbrown in KOH solution, weakly cyanophilous, IKI-.

Index Fungorum Number: IF804717

Type species: Phellinotus neoaridus Drechsler-Santos & Robledo 2016, in Drechsler-Santos et al., Phytotaxa, 261(3), 218-239 (2016).


Phellinotus badius (Cooke) Salvador-Mont., Popoff & Drechsler-Santos 2022

Phellinotus magnoporatus Salvador-Mont. & Drechsler-Santos 2022

Phellinotus neoaridus Drechsler-Santos & Robledo 2016

Phellinotus piptadeniae (Teixeira) Drechsler-Santos & Robledo 2016

Phellinotus resinaceus (Kotl. & Pouzar) Salvador-Mont. & Drechsler-Santos 2022

Phellinotus scaber (Berk.) Salvador-Mont., Drechsler-Santos & Popoff 2022

Phellinotus teixeirae Salvador-Mont., Elias & Drechsler-Santos 2022

Phellinotus xerophyticus Robledo, Urcelay & Drechsler-Santos 2022



Drechsler-Santos, E. R., Robledo, G. L., Lima-Junior, N. C., Malosso, E., Reck, M. A., Gibertoni, T. B., ... & Rajchenberg, M. (2016). Phellinotus, a new neotropical genus in the Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales). Phytotaxa, 261(3), 218-239.


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