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Porodaedalea Murrill 1905, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps perennial, effused-reflexed to pileate, solitary or imbricate, hard corky to woody hard. Pileal surface rust-brown and strigose when actively growing, become dark grey and velutinate or crusted with age, usually concentrically sulcate with narrow zones. Poroid surface rust-brown to umber-brown; pores circular to angular, sometimes labyrinthine. Context hard corky, duplex when juvenile, lower part dense, mostly separated from the upper trichoderm by a thin black line. Hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae frequent in trama, skeletal hyphae dominant in context and trama, occasionally septate. Setae frequent, ventricose to subulate, originating from subhymenial or tramal hyphae, occasionally embedded in trama, and sometimes seen at dissepiment edges, dark brown, thick-walled; cystidia absent; basidia clavate, usually distinctly longer than basidioles. Spores subglobose, broadly ellipsoid to ovoid, slightly to fairly thick-walled, IKI, moderately CB+. On gymnosperms, causing a white rot.

Index Fungorum NumberIF18342

Type species: Porodaedalea pini  (Brot.) Murrill 1905, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)


Porodaedalea abietis (P. Karst.) Bernicchia & Gorjón 2020

Porodaedalea alpicola S.J. Dai, F. Wu & Y.C. Dai 2019

Porodaedalea cancriformans (M.J. Larsen, Lombard & Aho) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. 2002

Porodaedalea cedrina Pilát ex Tomšovský & Kout 2013

Porodaedalea cercidiphyllum (Imazeki) Imazeki 1989

Porodaedalea chinensis S.J. Dai & F. Wu 2017

Porodaedalea chrysoloma (Fr.) Fiasson & Niemelä 1984

Porodaedalea conchata (Pers.) Fiasson & Niemelä 1984

Porodaedalea gilbertsonii (M.J. Larsen) V. Papp 2018

Porodaedalea himalayensis (Y.C. Dai) Y.C. Dai 2010

Porodaedalea indica Spirin, Y.C. Dai & Vlasák 2019,

Porodaedalea kesiyae S.J. Dai, F. Wu & Y.C. Dai 2019

Porodaedalea laricis (Jacz. ex Pilát) Niemelä 2005

Porodaedalea lonicerina (Bondartsev) Imazeki 1989

Porodaedalea microsperma S.J. Dai & Y.C. Dai 2019

Porodaedalea mongolica Y.D. Wu & Y. Yuan 2020

Porodaedalea niemelaei M. Fisch. 2000

Porodaedalea occidentiamericana Y.C. Dai & F. Wu 2022

Porodaedalea orientoamericana Y.C. Dai & F. Wu 2022

Porodaedalea pectinata (Klotzsch) Aoshima 1966

Porodaedalea piceina (Peck) Niemelä 1985

Porodaedalea pilatii (Černý) Fiasson & Niemelä 1984

Porodaedalea pini (Brot.) Murrill 1905

Porodaedalea qilianensis Y.C. Dai & F. Wu 2022

Porodaedalea schrenkianae Y.C. Dai & F. Wu 2022

Porodaedalea yamanoi (Imazeki) Y.C. Dai 2010

Porodaedalea yunnanensis S.J. Dai, F. Wu & Y.C. Dai 2019


Dai, Y.C. (2010). Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343.


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