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Fasciodontia Yurchenko & Riebesehl 2020, in Yurchenko et al., Mycological Progress, 19, 171-184 (2020)

Etymology: ‘Fascio’ (Lat.) refers to fasciculate arrangement of hyphae in aculei, dontiastresses the derivative origin from Hyphodontia s.l.

Diagnosis: Basidioma effused,membranaceous, cracking with age; margin thinning out, rarely abrupt.Hymenial surface minutely odontioid, whitish or cream-colored; aculei sterile except bases and consisting of projecting hyphae. Hyphal system pseudodimitic; hyphae clamped at all primary septa, colorless in water, slightly yellowish in mass in KOH, moderately cyanophilous, negative in Melzers reagent; skeletal-like thick-walled hyphae present in basal subhymenium and in aculeal trama; skeletal-like hyphae in aculei loosely encrusted, apically thin-walled, partly agglutinated with age. Cystidia from cylindrical to slightly moniliform and capitate. Basidia utriform to subcylindrical, with two slight constrictions, thin-walled or slightly thick-walled in lower 1/22/3, with four sterigmata. Spores ellipsoid, smooth, with thickened or thick wall (about 0.20.3 μm thick), colorless, negative in Melzers reagent, slightly to moderately cyanophilous.

Index Fungorum Number: IF829454

Type species: Fasciodontia bugellensis (Ces.) Yurchenko, Riebesehl & Langer 2020


Fasciodontia brasiliensis Yurchenko & Riebesehl 2020

Fasciodontia bugellensis (Ces.) Yurchenko, Riebesehl & Langer 2020

Fasciodontia yunnanensis C.L. Zhao 2021



Yurchenko, E., & Riebesehl, J., & Langer, E. (2020). Fasciodontia gen. nov. (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) and the taxonomic status of Deviodontia. Mycological Progress, 19, 171-184.


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