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Atractocolax R. Kirschner, R. Bauer & Oberw. 1999, in Kirschner et al., Mycologia, 91(3), 538-543 (1999)

Etymology: The name refers to the gasteroid, auricularioid basidia similar to those of species of Atractiella Sacc., and to the colacosomes in the hyphae.

Diagnosis: is a genus of heterobasidiomycetous fungi characterized by small or inconspicuous, gelatinous basidiocarps which are mainly formed by gasteroid auricularioid basidia. The hyphae are hyaline and contain colacosomes and septa with simple pores. Probasidia are absent. Basidiospores are hyaline and produce secondary blastospores.

Index Fungorum Number: IF28350

Type species: Atractocolax pulvinatus R. Kirschner, R. Bauer & Oberw. 1999, in Kirschner et al., Mycologia, 91(3), 538-543 (1999)


Atractocolax pulvinatus R. Kirschner, R. Bauer & Oberw. 1999


Kirschner, R., & Bauer, R., & Oberwinkler, F. (1999). Atractocolax, a new heterobasidiomycetous genus based on a species vectored by conifericolous bark beetles. Mycologia, 91(3), 538-543.


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