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Colospora Miettinen & Spirin, in Ariyawansa et al., Fungal Diversity 75: 224 (2015)

Etymology: Colus (Lat.), distaff, refers to the shape of spores.

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps resupinate, minutely odontioid, corticioid on dead wood. Hyphal system dimitic throughout, clamps present, short-branched dendrohyphidia common, spines sterile towards the tip. Basidiospores large, thin-walled, biapiculate.

Index Fungorum number: IF813992

Type species: Colospora andalasii Miettinen & Spirin, in Ariyawansa et al., Fungal Diversity 75: 224 (2015)



Colospora andalasii Miettinen & Spirin 2015

Colospora citrispora (Boidin, Lanq. & Gilles) Miettinen 2015



Ariyawansa, HA; Hyde, KD; Jayasiri, SC et al. 2015. Fungal diversity notes 111–252 – taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa. Fungal Diversity. 75:27-274


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