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Daedaleopsis J. Schröt. 1888, in Cui, et al., Fungal Diversity 97, 137392 (2019)

            Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual, pileate to effused-reflexed. Pilei pale brown to deep red, zonate, mostly glabrous. Hymenophore poroid to lamellate. Context pale brown. Hyphal system trimitic; generative hyphae bearing clamp connections; dendrohyphidia present, hyaline, thin-walled. Basidiospores cylindrical, slightly curved, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, IKI, CB–.

Species in Daedaleopsis cause a white rot, and have a wide distribution in the North Hemisphere (Dai 2012). At present, five species have been recorded from China (Li et al. 2016).

Index Fungorum NumberIF17466

Type species: Daedaleopsis confragosa (Bolton) J. Schröt. 1888, in Cui, et al., Fungal Diversity 97, 137392 (2019)


Daedaleopsis africanus Ryvarden 2019

Daedaleopsis conchiformis Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis confragosa (Bolton) J. Schröt. 1888

Daedaleopsis confragosa f. confragosa (Bolton) J. Schröt. 1888

Daedaleopsis confragosa f. sibirica (P. Karst.) Bondartsev 1953

Daedaleopsis confragosa var. bulliardii (Fr.) Ljub. 1975

Daedaleopsis confragosa var. confragosa (Bolton) J. Schröt. 1888

Daedaleopsis confragosa var. rubescens (Alb. & Schwein.) Ljub. 1975

Daedaleopsis confragosa var. tricolor (Bull.) Bondartsev & Singer 1953

Daedaleopsis dickinsii (Berk. ex Cooke) Bondartsev 1963

Daedaleopsis elegans (Spreng.) DomaƄski 1974

Daedaleopsis flavida (Lév.) A. Roy & A. Mitra 1984

Daedaleopsis hainanensis Hai J. Li & S.H. He 2016

Daedaleopsis incana P. Karst. 1904

Daedaleopsis mollis (Sommerf.) P. Karst. 1899

Daedaleopsis nipponica Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis nitida (Durieu & Mont.) Zmitr. & Malysheva 2013

Daedaleopsis odorata (Wulfen) P. Karst. 1899

Daedaleopsis papyraceoresupinata (S. Ito & S. Imai) Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis pergamenea (Berk. & Broome) Ryvarden 1984

Daedaleopsis phaea (Lév.) Imazeki 1959

Daedaleopsis purpurea (Cooke) Imazeki & Aoshima 1966

Daedaleopsis rubescens (Alb. & Schwein.) Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis septentrionalis (P. Karst.) Niemelä 1982

Daedaleopsis sinensis (Lloyd) Y.C. Dai 1996

Daedaleopsis styracina (Henn. & Shirai) Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis tenuis (Fr.) Imazeki 1943

Daedaleopsis tricolor (Bull.) Bondartsev & Singer 1941



Cui, Bao-Kai & Li, Hai-Jiao & Ji, Xing & Zhou, Jun-Liang & Song, Jie & Si, Jing & Yang, Zhu-Liang & Dai, Yu-Cheng. (2019). Species diversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of Polyporaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal Diversity 97, 137392

Dai YC (2012) Polypore diversity in China with an annotated checklist of Chinese polypores. Mycoscience 53:4980

Li HJ, Si J, He SH (2016) Daedaleopsis hainanensis sp. nov. (Polyporaceae, Basidiomycota) from tropical China based on morphological and molecular evidence. Phytotaxa 275:294300


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