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Dichomitus D.A. Reid 1965, in Cui, et al., Fungal Diversity 97, 137392 (2019)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual to perennial, resupinate to effusedreflexed. Pileal surface white to blackish. Sterile margin distinct to indistinct, white to yellowish brown. Pore surface white to pale grayish; pores round to angular; dissepiments thin. Subiculum or context white to strawyellow. Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae bearing clamp connections; arboriform skeletal hyphae hyaline, thick-walled, IKI, CB+. Basidiospores oblong-ellipsoid to cylindrical, hyaline, thin-walled, IKI, CB–.

Index Fungorum NumberIF17501

Type species: Dichomitus squalens (P. Karst.) D.A. Reid 1965, in Cui, et al., Fungal Diversity 97, 137392 (2019)


Dichomitus affixus (Corner) T. Hatt. 2002

Dichomitus africanus Ryvarden 2019

Dichomitus albidofuscus (Domański) Domański 1971

Dichomitus amazonicus Gomes-Silva, Ryvarden & Gibertoni 2012

Dichomitus amygdalinus (Berk. & Ravenel) Ryvarden 1977

Dichomitus anoectoporus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden 1984

Dichomitus cameroonensis Ryvarden 2018

Dichomitus campestris (Quél.) Domański & Orlicz 1966

Dichomitus cavernulosus (Berk.) Masuka & Ryvarden 1999

Dichomitus citricremeus Masuka & Ryvarden 1999

Dichomitus costaricensis Ryvarden 2012

Dichomitus cylindrosporus Ryvarden 2007

Dichomitus delicatulus (Henn.) Masuka & Ryvarden 1999

Dichomitus densiporus Ryvarden 2019

Dichomitus deviatus Ipulet & Ryvarden 2005

Dichomitus ecuadorensis Ryvarden 2010

Dichomitus efibulatus A.M. Ainsw. & Ryvarden 2008

Dichomitus epitephrus (Berk.) Ryvarden 1984

Dichomitus eucalypti Ryvarden 1985

Dichomitus grandisporus Aime & Ryvarden 2007

Dichomitus hexagonoides (Speg.) Robledo & Rajchenb. 2007

Dichomitus hubeiensis Hai J. Li & B.K. Cui 2013

Dichomitus kirkii Masuka & Ryvarden 1999

Dichomitus leucoplacus (Berk.) Ryvarden 1977

Dichomitus mexicanus (Ryvarden) Ryvarden 2007

Dichomitus newhookii P.K. Buchanan & Ryvarden 2000

Dichomitus papuanus Quanten 1996

Dichomitus pendulus Læssøe & Ryvarden 2010

Dichomitus perennis Ryvarden 2007

Dichomitus setulosus (Henn.) Masuka & Ryvarden 1999

Dichomitus sinuolatus H.S. Yuan 2013

Dichomitus squalens (P. Karst.) D.A. Reid 1965

Dichomitus stenospora Renvall & Niemelä 1992



Cui, Bao-Kai & Li, Hai-Jiao & Ji, Xing & Zhou, Jun-Liang & Song, Jie & Si, Jing & Yang, Zhu-Liang & Dai, Yu-Cheng. (2019). Species diversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of Polyporaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal Diversity 97, 137392


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