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Hirticrusta Matozaki, T. Hatt. & Sotome 2020, in Matozaki et al., Mycoscience 61(5): 243 (2020)

            Etymology: hirtus (Latin) hairy; crusta (Latin) crust, referring to the crustose layer below the velutinous hairs on pileus surface.

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual to biennial, sessile. Pileus dimidiate to semicircular, applanate or convex; surface with velutinous hairs. Context leathery to fibrous-corky, buff to brown, turning black with KOH; with a persistent crustose layer recognizing in longitudinal section as a dark brown line below velutinous hairs. Hymenophore poroid. Hyphal systems trimitic with clamped generative hyphae, skeletal and binding hyphae, hyphae IKI-. Crustose layer on pileus surface composed of parallel and densely arranged hyphae. Cystidia absent. Basidiospores cylindrical, thin-walled, hyaline. IKI-. Causing a white rot.

Index Fungrum Number: IF833843

Type species: Hirticrusta subradiata (Lloyd) Matozaki, T. Hatt. & Sotome 2020, in Matozaki et al., Mycoscience 61(5): 243 (2020)


Hirticrusta amazonica Matozaki, T. Hatt. & Sotome 2020

Hirticrusta subradiata (Lloyd) Matozaki, T. Hatt. & Sotome 2020



Matozaki, T., Hattori, T., Maekawa, N., Nakagiri, A., Ishikawa, N. K., & Sotome, K. (2020). Hirticrusta gen. nov. segregated from Neofomitella in Polyporaceae (Polyporales). Mycoscience, 61(5), 240-248.


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