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Microporellus Murrill 1905, in Cui, et al., Fungal Diversity 97, 137392 (2019)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual, centrally or laterally stipitate; stipe often somewhat reduced to a long tapering base. Pilei round, single or confluent, tomentus to glabrous, gray to pale buff, concentrically zonate, coriaceous when fresh, rather hard when dry. Pore surface pinkish buff to pale ochraceous; pores small. Context white to ochraceous. Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae with clamp connections; skeletal hyphae present in trama, absent or present in the context, dextrinoid or negative in Melzers reagent. Basidiospores ellipsoid to obovoid or subglobose, hyaline, smooth, thin- to slightly thick-walled, IKI, CB–.

Index Fungorum Number: IF18062

Type species: Microporellus dealbatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 1905

Notes: Microporellus usually has stipitate basidiocarps, a dimitic hyphal system, clamped generative hyphae, slightly dextrinoid skeletal hyphae, and hyaline, thin- to slightly thick-walled, ellipsoid to obovoid or subglobose basidiospores (Gilbertson & Ryvarden 1987). Only one species of this genus is known from China (Dai 2012).



Microporellus adextrinoideus Decock 2007

Microporellus amazonicus P.S. Medeiros & Ryvarden 2011

Microporellus brasiliensis Ryvarden & Decock 2002

Microporellus brunneus Corner 1987

Microporellus burkillae (Lloyd) Corner 1987

Microporellus burkillae var. burkillae (Lloyd) Corner 1987

Microporellus burkillae var. discolor Corner 1987

Microporellus burkillae var. griseiporus Corner 1987

Microporellus burkillae var. rufescens Corner 1987

Microporellus celtis (T.T. Chang & W.N. Chou) Decock 2001

Microporellus chocolatus (Lloyd) Ryvarden 1990

Microporellus clemensiae (Murrill) Ryvarden 1985

Microporellus collybiiformis (Beeli) Ryvarden 1974

Microporellus dealbatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 1905

Microporellus defibulatus D.A. Reid 1975

Microporellus doidgeae (Wakef.) Núñez & Ryvarden 1995

Microporellus ellipsosporus Decock & Ryvarden 2002

Microporellus friesii (Klotzsch) Ryvarden 1972

Microporellus fuliginosus Corner 1987

Microporellus grandiporus Corner 1987

Microporellus holotephrus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 1905

Microporellus iguazuensis Rajchenb. 1987

Microporellus inusitatus (Lloyd) Corner 1987

Microporellus inusitatus var. inusitatus (Lloyd) Corner 1987

Microporellus inusitatus var. lateritius Corner 1987

Microporellus inusitatus var. latiporus Corner 1987

Microporellus inusitatus var. parvisporus Corner 1987

Microporellus inusitatus var. roseibrunneus Corner 1987

Microporellus labyrinthiformis Corner 1987

Microporellus nigripes Corner 1987

Microporellus obovatus (Jungh.) Ryvarden 1972

Microporellus pahangensis Corner 1987

Microporellus papuensis Decock 2007

Microporellus peninsularis (Corner) Decock 2001

Microporellus porphyritis (Berk.) Murrill 1907

Microporellus setigerus Corner 1987

Microporellus straminellus (Bres.) Decock & Ryvarden 1998

Microporellus subdealbatus Murrill 1907

Microporellus subincarnatus Corner 1987

Microporellus subumbonatus Corner 1987

Microporellus terrestris (Gibertoni & Ryvarden) Decock 2007

Microporellus unguicularis (Fr.) Murrill 1907

Microporellus violaceocinerascens (Petch) A. David & Rajchenb. 1985



Cui, B.K., & Li, H.J., & Ji, X., & Zhou, J.L., & Song, J. & Si, J., & Yang, Z.L., & Dai, Y.C. (2019). Species diversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of Polyporaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal Diversity 97, 137392

Dai, Y.C. (2012). Polypore diversity in China with an annotated checklist of Chinese polypores. Mycoscience 5, 4980

Gilbertson, R.L., & Ryvarden, L. (1987). North American polypores 2. Fungiflora, Oslo


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