Tremellales » Naemateliaceae


Dimennazyma X.Z. Liu, F.Y. Bai, M. Groenew. & Boekhout, in Liu et al., Studies in Mycology 81: 113 (2015)

Etymology: The genus is named in honour of M. E. di Menna for her pioneering work on yeast ecology and diversity.

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps not present. Colonies usually orange-coloured. Pseudohyphae occasionally present. True hyphae not observed. Budding cells present. Ballistoconidia not observed. Fermentation absent. Nitrate not utilised. Starch-like compounds weakly produced or not produced. Major CoQ system CoQ-10.

Index Fungorum number: IF813339

Type species: Dimennazyma cisti-albidi (Á. Fonseca, J. Inácio & Spenc-Mart.) A.M. Yurkov, X.Z. Liu, F.Y. Bai, M. Groenew. & Boekhout, in Liu et al., Studies in Mycology 81: 113 (2015)

Notes: The species Cryptococcus cistialbidi formed a single-species branching before the aurantia clade with strong support in the seven-genes tree (Liu et al. 2015a). This species produces orange-coloured colonies as emphasised by Inácio et al. (2005), which is different from the yeast stage of the Naematelia species that have yellowish brown colonies. Thus C. cistialbidi is not assigned to Naematelia. The colony colour of C. cistialbidi is similar to those produced by the genus Genolevuria (i.e., the amylolyticus clade in Fonseca et al. 2011). However, C. cistialbidi was distantly related to Genolevuria in the seven-genes tree (Liu et al. 2015a). Therefore, (Liu et al. 2015b) propose this genus for the single-species lineage.


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Liu, X. Z., Wang, Q. M., Theelen, B., Groenewald, M., Bai, F. Y., & Boekhout, T. (2015a). Phylogeny of tremellomycetous yeasts and related dimorphic and filamentous basidiomycetes reconstructed from multiple gene sequence analyses. Studies in mycology, 81, 1-26

Liu, X.Z; Wang, Q.M; Göker, M; Groenewald, M; Kachalkin, A.V; Lumbsch, H.T; Millanes, A.M; Wedin, M; Yurkov,A.M; Boekhout,T; Bai, F.Y. (2015b). Towards an integrated phylogenetic classification of the Tremellomycetes. Studies in Mycology. 81:85-147

Inácio, J., Portugal, L., Spencer-Martins, I., & Fonseca, Á. (2005). Phylloplane yeasts from Portugal: seven novel anamorphic species in the Tremellales lineage of the Hymenomycetes (Basidiomycota) producing orange-coloured colonies. FEMS yeast research, 5(12), 1167-1183.


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