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Unilacryma Shirouzu, Tokum. & Oberw., in Mycologia 105 (5): 1120 (2013)

Diagnostic characters: Basidiocarps pustulate to pulvinate, sessile, tough gelatinous to cartilaginous. Sterile parts of basidiocarps covered with thin- to slightly thick-walled marginal hyphae. Hyphae with clamp connections, occasionally anastomosing. Hymenium limited to the superior surface of the basidiocarp. Basidia cylindrical to clavate, tapering toward the apex bearing a sterigma. Basidiospores globose to subglobose, multicelled, often muriform, mostly producing germ tubes.

Index Fungorum number: IF800155

Type species: Unilacryma unispora (L.S. Olive) Shirouzu, Tokum. & Oberw., in Mycologia 105 (5): 1120 (2013)



Shirouzu, T.; Hirose, D.; Oberwinkler, F.; Shimomura, N.; Maekawa, N.; Tokumasu, S. 2013. Combined molecular and morphological data for improving phylogenetic hypothesis in Dacrymycetes. Mycologia. 105(5):1110-1125


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