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Leucoinocybe Singer ex Antonín, Borovička, Holec & Kolařík, in Antonín et al., Fungal Biology 123(6): 441 (2019)

Etymology: Macroscopically similar to species of the genus Inocybe but having white lamellae.

Diagnosis: Basidiospores moderately large, smooth, amyloid; cheilocystidia present, but sometimes scattered; pleurocystidia absent or present but scattered, similar to cheilocystidia; pileipellis an (ixo)cutis with the presence or absence of pileocystidia, if pileocystidia absent, then pileocystidioid terminal cells present; caulocystidia present, distinct; clamp connections present in all studied tissues.

Index Fungorum number: IF825128

Type species: Leucoinocybe lenta  (Maire) Antonín, Borovička, Holec & Kolařík, in Antonín et al., Fungal Biology 123(6): 441 (2019)

Notes: The original description by Singer (1943) was invalid because the genus was described provisionally (ad interim). Singer delimited the group as follows: “Leuco-Inocybe gen. nov. ad int. Pileo epicute haud diverticulata, hypodermate haud celluloso, sed pilis liberis instructo. Lamellis subliberis, latiusculis. Sporis ellipsoidalibus vel amygdaliformibus, amyloideis, mediocriter voluminosis. Trama lamellarum regulari, haud amyloidea. Habitus marasmioidearum vel inocybis. Typus gen. L. lenta (Mre.) (Singer, 1943) ˮ. The invalidity was mentioned by Donk (1962) and Horak (1968), too.



Leucoinocybe auricoma (Har. Takah.) Matheny 2020

Leucoinocybe lenta (Maire) Antonín, Borovička, Holec & Kolařík 2019

Leucoinocybe sulcata (K.N.A. Raj & Manim.) Antonín, Borovička, Holec & Kolařík 2019

Leucoinocybe taniae (Vila) Antonín, Borovička, Holec & Kolařík 2019



Antonín, V; Borovička, J; Holec, J; Piltaver, A; Kolařík, M. 2019. Taxonomic update of Clitocybula sensu lato with a new generic classification. Fungal Biology. 123(6):431-447


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