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Guyanagarika Sánchez-García, T.W. Henkel & Aime, in Sánchez-García et al., Fungal Biology 120(12): 1544 (2016)


Etymology: Guyana, in reference to the country of origin; and from the Greek agariko = agaric, or gilled mushroom.

Diagnosis: Habit tricholomatoid. Pileus dark orange becoming lighter towards the margin, broadly convex to broadly sub-conic to plano-convex with prominent broad umbo with age. Surface glabrous to minutely tomentose. Lamellae sub-thick to thick, initially adnate to adnexed, sinuate with age, brittle. Stipe equal, tapering evenly from apex to base, solid. Basidiospores hyaline, smooth, inamyloid, acyanophilic. Spore deposit white. Hymenial cystidia absent. Pileipellis initially a cutis becoming a trichoderm with age. Clamp connections present in all tissues. Thromboplerous hyphae (oleiferous hyphae sensu Clemençon 2004) present in all tissues.

Index fungorum number: IF817738

Type species: Guyanagarika aurantia Sánchez-García, T.W. Henkel & Aime 2016, in Sánchez-García et al., Fungal Biology 120(12): 1544 (2016)



Guyanagarika aurantia Sánchez-García, T.W. Henkel & Aime 2016

Guyanagarika anomala Sánchez-García, T.W. Henkel & Aime 2016

Guyanagarika pakaraimensis Sánchez-García, T.W. Henkel & Aime 2016



Sánchez-García, M., Henkel, T. W., Aime, M. C., Smith, M. E., & Matheny, P. B. (2016). Guyanagarika, a new ectomycorrhizal genus of Agaricales from the Neotropics. Fungal Biology, 120(12), 15401553. doi:10.1016/j.funbio.2016.08.005 


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