Mythicomycetaceae Vizzini, Consiglio & M. Marchetti, in Vizzini et al., Fungal Systematics and Evolution 3: 46 (2019)

Diagnosis: . Pileus 530 mm, hemispherical-conical, obtusely to acutely conical, bell-shaped, umbonate or papillate. Lamellae adnexed to narrowly adnate. Stipe 1570 × 0.52 mm, cylindrical, often tapering towards the base (but without pseudorhiza), typically cartilagineous-elastic, tough, corneus (horny) (marasmius cohaerens-like), shiny, gradually darkening (reddish-brown to blackish) from base upwards, with tawny basal strigosity. Spore deposit greyish-brown, pale hazel brown to milky coffee brown with light purple hues. Spores ovoid to ellipsoid, often somewhat inequilateral, smooth or minutely punctate-verruculose, without a germ pore, thin- to thick-walled, almost hyaline or faintly brownish under light microscope, binucleate, walls cyanophilous, inamyloid or dextrinoid. Basidia clavate, usually 4-spored. Cheilocystidia present, thick-walled, inocybe-like, often with hyaline crystals at apex and slightly amyloid at apex, or thin-walled and inamyloid. Pleurocystidia absent, if present then only as thick-walled elements. Hymenophoral trama regular, consisting of parallel hyphae. Pileipellis a thin ixocutis with parietal pigment. Clamp-connections present. Habit mycenoid to phaeocollybioid (phaeocollybia-like). Veils absent (gymnocarpic development)

Index Fungorum number: IF829479

Type genus: Mythicomyces Redhead & A.H. Sm., Canadian Journal of Botany 64(3): 643 (1986)

Genera included: Mythicomyces and Stagnicola.

Habit: Saprotrophic on wood debris, Northern Hemisphere, mostly temperate to boreal.

Notes: The genus Mythicomyces and not the genus Stagnicola was chosen as type of the family because Stagnicola Jeffreys (1830) is also a genus of snails (aquatic pulmonate gastropod mollusks) and there is a larger body of literature on Stagnicola Jeffreys (e.g. searches in GenBank®, Scopus®, Biosis®) than there is on Stagnicola Redhead & Smith, which can cause confusion.



Vizzini, A; Consiglio, G; Marchetti, M. 2019. Mythicomycetaceae fam. nov. (Agaricineae, Agaricales) for accommodating the genera Mythicomyces and Stagnicola, and Simocybe parvispora reconsidered. Fungal Systematics and Evolution. 3:41-56


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