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Lignomyces R.H. Petersen & Zmitr., in Petersen et al., Mycologia 107(5): 1046 (2015)

Etymology: lignum (L.), signifying fruiting habit on wood, the hard, woody texture of basidiomata when dried and production of wood-degrading enzymes + -myces (Gr.), fungus.

Basidiomata pleurotoid, of a size comparable to those of Pleurotus species. Pileus trama duplex, with upper trama moist, of non-gelatinized hyphae exhibiting conspicuous clamp connections, juxtaposed to lamellae a gelatinized layer, subhyaline when fresh, becoming ochraceous and glassy upon drying. Lamellar trama gelatinized, with hyphal walls swelling significantly when fresh and moist. Hymeni-um exhibiting common cystidia, elongate-fusiform in the type species, with homogeneous contents and basal clamp connections.

Index Fungorum number: IF811172

Type species: Lignomyces vetlinianus (DomaƄski) R.H. Petersen & Zmitr., in Petersen et al., Mycologia 107(5): 1046 (2015)



Petersen R.H., Psurtseva N., Zmitrovich I., Arslanov S., Karen W. Hughes. 2015. Lignomyces, a new genus of pleurotoid Agaricomycetes. Mycologia. 107(5):1045-1054


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