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Atractogloea Oberw. & Bandoni 1982, in Oberwinkler & Bandoni, Mycologia, 74(4), 634-639 (1982)

Etymology: spindle, arrow; referring to the closely related genus, Atractiella; oily, slimy substance.

Diagnosis: Atractogloea is a heterobasidiomycetous genus in the Hoehnelomycetaceae Jiilich (1981), with auricularioid basidia and sessile, drop-like, gelatinous basidiocarps. The hyphae are hyaline, slightly gelatinized, clamped, and have simple pores (Figure 5-8); they produce terminal basidia but no cystidia or hyphidia. The cylindric, transversely septate basidia develop sessile spores terminally and laterally; the basidiospores are not forcibly discharged. The basidiospores are hyaline, thin-walled, the walls smooth and non-amyloid; germination by budding.

Index Fungorum Number: IF17125

Type species: Atractogloea stillata  Oberw. & Bandoni 1982, in Oberwinkler & Bandoni, Mycologia, 74(4), 634-639 (1982)


Atractogloea stillata Oberw. & Bandoni 1982


Oberwinkler, F., & Bandoni, R. J. (1982). Atractogloea: a new genus in the Hoehnelomycetaceae (Heterobasidiomycetes). Mycologia, 74(4), 634-639.


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