Corticiales K.H. Larss., in Hibbett et al., Mycolological Research 111(5): 509-547 (2007)

Diagnostic characters: Basidiomata resupinata, effuso-reflexa vel discoidea; hymenophora laevia; systema hypharum monomiticum; dendrohyphidia raro absentia; basidia saepe e probasidiis oriuntur. Cystidia presentia vel absentia. Sporae hyalinae, tenuitunicatae, albae vel aggregatae roseae.

Index Fungorum number: IF501299

Type genus: Corticium Pers., in Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 110 (1794)

Note: Equivalent to Vuilleminiales Boidin et al. 1998 and the corticioid clade (Binder et al. 2005; Larsson et al. 2004). Boidin et al. (1998) explicitly included Corticium in their new order, as a member of the family Vuilleminiaceae Maire 1902. Jülich (1981) also placed Corticium in Vuilleminiaceae but referred them to Aleurodiscales Jülich 1981. Corticium is the type of Corticiaceae Herter 1910, a family name conserved against Vuilleminiaceae. The introduction of Corticiales as a new name for this order was, therefore, the preferred option.



Hibbett, D.S.; Binder, M.; Bischoff, J.F.; Blackwell, M.; Cannon, P.F.; Eriksson, O.E.; Huhndorf, S.; James, T.; Kirk, P.M.; Stalpers, J.A.; Crous, P.W.; Gams, W; et al. 2007. A higher-level phylogenetic classification of the Fungi. Mycological Research. 111(5):509-547

Persoon, C.H. 1794. Neuer Versuch einer systematischen Eintheilung der Schwämme. Neues Magazin für die Botanik. 1:63-80


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