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Cyphobasidium hypogymniicola

Cyphobasidium hypogymniicola (Diederich & Ahti) Millanes, Diederich & Wedin 2016, in Millanes, et al., Fungal Biology, 120, 1468-1477 (2016)

Basionym: Cystobasidium hypogymniicola Diederich & Ahti, Bibliotheca Lichenologica 61, 21 (1996).

Diagnosis: A detailed description of this species is provided by Diederich (1996). Cyphobasidium hypogymniicola has been reported from Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, and the U.S.A., growing most commonly on Hypogymnia physodes, more rarely on H. hultenii, H. imshaugii, H. incurvoides, H. krogiae, and H. vittata (Diederich 1996, 2003, 2007; Holien 2001; Urbanavichene & Urbanavichus 2005; Hodkinson et al. 2009).

Index Fungorum Number: IF815652

Figure 1. Photographs showing morphological characters of Cyphobasidium. (A), (B): Macroscopical variation within Cyphobasidium hypogymniicola ((A): Canada, on Hypogymnia physodes, isotype, herb. Diederich; (B): Norway, on H. hultenii,

Tønsberg 30510, BG).

Figure 2. Fifty percent majority rule Bayesian consensus tree from the combined analysis including nSSU, ITS, and nSLU. Black dots represent branches supported by both Bayesian and ML analyses. White dots indicate branches supported only by the Bayesian analysis. Branch lengths are scaled to the expected number of substitutions per site. Cyphobasidium representatives and Cystobasidium fimetarium (syn. of Cystobasidium lasioboli, the type species of Cystobasidium) are highlighted in bold font. Genera and suprageneric taxa, are indicated in the right margin.



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