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Asterodon Pat. 1894, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps annual to biennial, resupinate. Hymenophore densely covered by spines, grey to greyish brown; subiculum yellowish cinnamon to dark brown, soft; margin arachnoid or fibrillose, in an early stage also rhizomorphic. Hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, simple septate; skeletal hyphae yellowish to reddish brown, thick-walled; setae fusoid to ventricose with sharp points, usually stellate (asterosetae), distinctly thick-walled, dark brown. Basidiospores ellipsoid, thin- or fairly thick-walled, hyaline, IKI, CB+. On rotten gymnosperm wood, causing a white rot.

Index Fungorum Number: IF17111

Type species: Asterodon ferruginosus Pat. 1894, in Dai, Y.C., Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343 (2010)

Notes: Asterostroma Massee has asterosetae, too, but Asterodon is not related. Asterodon is evidently placed within the Hymenochaetaceae (Wagner 2001).


Asterodon albus Rick 1959

Asterodon cystidiiformis Rick 1940

Asterodon ferruginosus Pat. 1894

Asterodon hyalinus Rick 1940

Asterodon hypochnoideus Rick 1940

Asterodon lutescens Rick 1940

Asterodon odontioides Rick 1940

Asterodon reticulatus Rick 1940

Asterodon stramineus Rick 1940

Asterodon tomentosus (Schrad. ex J. Schröt.) Bres. 1925


Dai, Y.C. (2010). Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycota) in China. Fungal diversity, 45, 131-343

Wagner T (2001) Phylogenetic relationships of Asterodon and Asterostroma (Basidiomycetes), two genera with asterosetae. Mycotaxon 79:235246


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