Phallales » Steccherinaceae¬† » Niemelaea

Niemelaea consobrina

Niemelaea consobrina (Bres.) Zmitr., Ezhov & Khimich 2015, in Zmitrovich et al., Agriculture & Forestry, 61(4), 23-31. (2015).

Diagnosis: Basidiomata resupinate, annual, soft when fresh, hard when dry (dry specimen), adnate. Hymenophore poroid, as a single tube layer up to 3 mm thick, pores angular, irregular, 12 per mm, angular, rufescent to pale ochre, with slightly dentate dissepiments. Margin narrow, mucedinous and somewhat lighter than remaining fruitbody. Context whitish and very thin (barely observable), up to 0.4 mm thick. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae hyaline in subicular hyphae, refractive (yellowish-greenish, homogeneous) in the most of in the subiculum seemingly amyloid after heating), growth radial in the subiculum with diverticulate tendency in tramal areas, mycelium condensation with formation of textura oblita. Crystalline encrustation presented by 1) large (usually more than 2 μm in longest dimension) plane triangle, trapezoid or pentagonal crystals; 2) small resinous-crystalline droplets in large deposits areas. Cystidia or other sterile elements lacking. Basidia clavate with a basal clamp, 720(25) × 45 μm. Basidiospores ellipsoid to subglobose, smooth, with refractive contents and prominent walls, (3.4)3.54.9 × (1.9)23.5(3.6) μm; Qm = 1.5, IKI-, CB-.

Index Fungorum Number: IF811685