Polyporales » Irpicaceae


Trametopsis Tomšovský 2008, in Tomšovský, Czech Mycology 60(1), 1-11 (2008).

Etymology: Trametopsisgenus similar to Trametes.

Diagnosis (In Latin): Carpophorus annuus, effusoreflexus, subimbricatus, subresupinatus. Hymenophorum irregulare-poroideum, pori sublacerati. Systema hypharum dimiticum, hyphae generativae fibulatae, tenuitunicatae, partim crassitunicatae. Basidiosporae cylindricae, tenuiter tunicatae, inamyloideae.

Index Fungorum Number: IF511347

Type species: Trametopsis cervina (Schwein.) Tomšovský 2008, in Tomšovský, Czech Mycology 60(1), 1-11 (2008).


Trametopsis abieticola B.K. Cui & Shun Liu 2022;

Trametopsis aborigena Gómez-Mont. & Robledo 2017

Trametopsis brasiliensis (Ryvarden & de Meijer) Gómez-Mont. & Robledo 2017

Trametopsis cervina (Schwein.) Tomšovský 2008

Trametopsis luteocontexta (Ryvarden & de Meijer) Gómez-Mont., Robledo & Drechsler-Santos 2017

Trametopsis tasmanica B.K. Cui & Shun Liu 2022



Tomšovský, M. (2008). Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic position of Trametes cervina and description of a new genus Trametopsis. Czech Mycology 60(1), 1-11.


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