Polyporales » Polyporaceae » Foraminispora

Foraminispora rugosa

Foraminispora rugosa (Berk.) Costa-Rezende, Drechsler-Santos & Robledo 2017, in Costa-Rezende et al., Persoonia -Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi, 39(1), 254-269 (2017)

Description: Decock & Herrera-Figueroa (2006) as Amauroderma sprucei. The dull concentric zonate pilear surface, the whitish context, the ochraceous to vivid orange pore surface, the small pores (57(–8) pores/mm), a crust with a short trichoderm in the pilear surface, the strongly dextrinoid skeletal hyphae and the predominantly subglobose basidiospores ((7–)810 × 79 μm), with conspicuous hollow columnar ornamentation are characteristic of this species. The species was described with a di-trimitic hyphal system, with generative and vegetative hyphae in all portions of basidioma, and the trama of tubes as dimitic with arboriform skeletal hyphae (Decock & Herrera-Figueroa 2006).

Index Fungorum Number: IF819019