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Neodictyopus atlanticae

Neodictyopus atlanticae Palacio, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos 2017 in Palacio et all., Plos one, 12(10), e0186183 (2017).

Etymology: atlanticae (Latin) Atlantic, referring to the species distribution, known to the Atlantic province.

Diagnosis: Basidiomata annual, laterally to eccentrically stipitate, tipically gregariuos, up to four basidiomata in 10 cm of wood; pileus reniform, up to 4.1 cm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick; pilear surface strong brown (7.5YR5/8) to dark reddish brown (2.5YR2.5/4), radially striate, glabrous; margin irregular, wavy and lobed. Pore surface brownish yellow (10YR6/8) to grayish brown (10YR5/2); pores circular 59 per mm, (80−)90170(−180) μm (ave = 121.3 μm, n = 160/4); dissepiments entire to slightly lacerated, 2090(−100) μm thick, (ave = 48.3 μm, n = 160/4). Tubes concolorous with the pore surface, not stratified, up to 0.5 mm long, decurrent and irregularly attached to the stipe. Context homogeneous, light brown (7.5YR6/4), up to 1 mm thick. Stipe cylindrical, solid, slender, glabrous, longitudinally striated, bearing a black cuticle, up to 2 cm long and 2 mm in diam. Hyphal system dimitic with generative hyphae and skeletal- binding hyphae. Generative hyphae with clamps, hyaline, thin-walled, 12.5 μm thick, IKI-, CB-, more easily observed in the tubes. Skeletal-binding hyphae hyaline to yellowish in KOH or water, nondextrinoid to occasionally weakly dextrinoid, CB-. Stipe, context and trama of the tubes composed mainly of skeletal-binding hyphae with a loose arboriform branching pattern (Figures 3B and 4D), up to 350 μm long, 2.55 μm wide, thick-walled, geniculated, with a short unbranched stalk (2090 μm) and then with 25 branches (up to 550 μm long) with an alternating arrangement. Skeletal-binding hyphae in the trama (Figure 4E) shorter (80150 μm) than those at stipe and context, becoming shorter (up to 90 μm) approaching the dissepiments with more (59) and shorter ramifications (Figures 3D and 6A). Cystidiole subulate, 1420 × 45 μm, with a basal clamp. Basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate, 1921 × 56 um. Basidiospore cylindrical, thin-walled, hyaline, smooth, IKI, CB, (6.0−)6.58.0 × 2.03.0 μm, (ave = 6.3 × 2.1 μm), Q = 23.5, (ave = 3, n = 160/4).

Index Fungorum Number: IF819631

Notes: Neodictyopus atlanticae is well characterized by lateral to eccentrically stipitate basidiomata, well developed and slender stipe, reniform pileus with irregular, wavy and lobed margin, and the gregarious habit