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Paraphelaria amboinensis

Paraphelaria amboinensis (Lév.) Corner 1966, in Jülich, Persoonia-Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi, 11(4), 397-406 (1966).

Diagnosis: Basidiocarp erect, single or in small groups, somewhat or usually much branched, at first whitish, later (and when dry) pale yellowish brownish, up to 15 cm high, with a basal at first glabrous, later strigose trunk 1-6 cm x 2-15 mm. Branches l -2.5(-8) mm wide, fertile on all sides, but without a distinct hymenium. Rhizomorphs lacking. Hyphal system monomitic.

Hyphae hyaline when fresh, pale yellowish when dry, distinct, cylindrical with occasional subterminal or intercalar swelling, densely interwoven, branching often near the septa, anastomoses present, slightly to strongly thick-walled (0.3-2.5 µm), 3-8 µm wide, at some places inflated up to 15 µm, sidebranches often constricted at the point of origin, with smooth surface, clamps absent from all septa, contents homogeneous (except for the slightly guttulate hyphal tip); changing to a brilliant yellow colour in Melzer's, slightly cyanophilous when still thin-walled and hyaline, but not so when thick-walled and yellowish. Cystidia absent. Basidia (phragmobasidia) scattered in the outer parts of the context, not in a typical hymenium, hyaline, sinuous-cylindrical when mature, young basidia cylindrical (probasidia lacking), 100-130 x 6-8 µm, at least the basal part slightly smooth, a basal clamp always lacking, contents guttulate to oleaginous, with four cylindrical sterigmata. Spores hyaline, broadly cylindrical to slightly navicular, often somewhat curved, thin-walled, smooth, 20-25 x 6-7.5 µm, with rather large apiculus, contents guttulate to oleaginous, neither amyloid, dextrinoid, nor cyanophilous.

Index Fungorum Number: IF335619


Figure 1. Paraphelaria amboinensis. Borneo, Sarawak, Jülich 78/3168b.


Figure 2. Paraphelaria amboinensis. Borneo,Sarawak. Jülich 78/1350b a. Jülich 78/3168b (x .1.1). — b Jülich 78/1350b (x 1.6).