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Bryoperdon acuminatum

Bryoperdon acuminatum (Bosc) Vizzini, in Vizzini & Ercole, Phytotaxa 299(1): 80 (2017)

Basidiomes 6–15 mm high and 4–10 mm broad, ovoid, obovoid, typically pointed at apex and rounded at base, with 1–2 white rhizomorphic cords rooting into the moss cushion, at first yellowish-white, pale ochraceous, hazelnut, then pinkish-brown. Exoperidium consisting of small, up to 0.2 mm high, quite persistent pyramidal spines, singly or more frequently arranged in groups of 2–3(–4), with convergent, connected apices. Endoperidium very thin, papery, at first whitish, then ochre-brown to dark brown, sometimes with violaceous hues. Stoma apical, irregularly elliptic, up to 20–30 mm long. Gleba yellowish-green, tobacco-brown when mature. Pseudocolumella indistinct. Subgleba absent. Spores globose, (3.0–) 3.7–4.0 (–4.3) μm in diam. [2/2/60], yellowish-brown in LM, almost completely smooth to only finely warted; no debris of broken pedicels observed. Paracapillitium absent. Capillitium of the Lycoperdon -type, yellowish-pale brown in LM, 3–6 μm broad, with very rare, scattered septa and abundant small pits. Spines of the exoperidium consisting of chains of short, inflated, up to 20 μm in diam., clavate to subglobose elements.


Habit and habitat: gregarious on moss cushions covering logs and rocks, in autumn.


Index Fungorum number: IF819912


Figure 1. Bayesian phylogenetic analysis based on the combined nrITS/nrLSU dataset of selected Lycoperdaceae. BPP values ≥ 0.7 are shown on the branches. For each sequenced taxon, the Genbank number is given. The newly sequenced collections are in bold.


Figure 2. Bryoperdon acuminatum. Fresh basidiomes (TO HG191016). a. in field; b. in studio; c. particular of the exoperidium; d. particular of the exoperidium and ellipsoid-lacerate stoma. Scale bars: a–b = 10 mm; c = 5 mm; d = 2 mm. Pictures by A. Vizzini.



Kreisel H. 1964. Vorläufige Übersicht der Gattung Bovista. Feddes Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis. 69:196-211

Vizzini A; Ercole E. 2017. Detecting the phylogenetic position of Bovista acuminata (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) by an ITS-LSU combined analysis: the new genus Bryoperdon and revisitation of Lycoperdon subgen. Apioperdon. Phytotaxa. 299(1):77-86.


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