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Metulochaete sanctae-catharinae

Metulochaete sanctae-catharinae (Möller) R.L.M. Alvarenga 2019, in Spirin et al., Mycological Progress, 18, 1079-1099 (2019)

Basionym: Heterochaete sanctae-catharinae Möller 1895

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps effused, orbicular or fusing together, continuous, yellowish-white, gelatinous when fresh, waxy-arid when dried, smooth or covered by more or less regularly distributed, rather blunt spines 125150 × 3545 μm, 78 per mm, margin adnate, compact, white or very pale creamcolored. Hyphal structure monomitic; hyphae clamped, hyaline, slightly thick-walled and 24 μm in diam. in subiculum, thin-walled and 1.52 μm in diam. in subhymenium. Hyphidia present, branched, 12 μm in diam. at the apex. Cystidia heavily encrusted, sharp, ventricose, thick-walled, 1520 × 58.5 μm, covering hymenial spines. Basidia 4-celled, sessile, ovoid, 1720 × 1114 μm. Basidiospores thin-walled, allantoid, straight to slightly curved, (10.1–)11.515.6 (–16.2) × (4.5–) 4.76.4 (–7.1) μm (n = 46/2), L= 14.0614.23, W= 5.145.80, Q = 2.422.76.

Index Fungorum Number: IF830967


Figure 1.  Metulochaete sanctae-catharinae (URM93055): a hymenial spine covered by cystidia; b separate cystidia; c subhymenial hyphae and basidia; d basidiospores. Scale bar, a = 50 μm, bd = 10 μm


Spirin, V., Malysheva, V., Miettinen, O., Vlasák, J., Alvarenga, R. L. M., Gibertoni, T. B., ... & Larsson, K. H. (2019). On Protomerulius and Heterochaetella (Auriculariales, Basidiomycota). Mycological Progress, 18, 1079-1099.


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