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Corneroboletus N.K. Zeng & Zhu L. Yang, in Zeng et al., Mycologia 104(6): 1423 (2012)

Etymology: Named after E.J.H. Corner, in honor of his contribution to boletology.

Basidiocarp stipitate-pileate with tubular hymenophore. Pileus hemispherical, convex, applanate surface mucilaginous, covered with conical to subconical to irregularly shaped squamules. Hymenophore yellow to olivaceous yellow, turning reddish brown slowly when injured. Stipe central, cylindrical; surface covered with conical to subconical to irregularly shaped squamules, but apical part nearly smooth. Basidiospores subfusiform to ellipsoid, surface smooth under light microscopy but irregularly warted to irregularly bacillate under SEM. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia present. Pileipellis an ixohyphoepithelium; squamules on pileus composed of more or less vertically arranged, septate filamentous hyphae. Stipitipellis a trichoderm-like structure; squamules on stipe surface composed of septate filamentous hyphae. Clamp connections absent.

Index Fungorum number: IF561839

Type species: Corneroboletus indecorus (Massee) N.K. Zeng & Zhu L. Yang 2012, in Zeng et al., Mycologia 104(6): 1423 (2012)


Key Reference:

Zeng, N.-K., Cai, Q., & Yang, Z. L. (2012). Corneroboletus, a new genus to accommodate the southeastern Asian Boletus indecorus. Mycologia, 104(6), 14201432. doi:10.3852/11-326


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