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Erythrophylloporus Ming Zhang & T.H. Li, in Zhang et al., Mycosystema 37(9): 1119 (2018)


Etymology: Erythro: red color, indicating the red tones of the hymenophore; phylloporus: from the lamellate bolete genus Phylloporus, indicating a morphological resemblance of the two genera.


Basidiomes small to mediumsized, stipitatepileate with lamellate hymenophore. Pileus convex to applanate, dry, pruinose or velutinous, subtomentose to faintly squamulose or subfloccose towards the center, orange, deep orange, yellowish red to reddish orange. Context vivid yellow to orange yellow, gradually changing dark violet, blackish blue to dark blue when exposed. Hymenophore lamellate, decurrent, yellowish orange, orange, deep orange, reddish orange to orange red changing grayish blue, grayish turquoise to grayish green when bruised. Stipe central, solid, subcylindrical or clavate, orange, yellow, reddish orange to yellowish red, with orange, reddish orange to orange red pruinose scales on surface, basal mycelium vivid yellow. Basidiospores broadly ellipsoid, ellipsoid to nearly ovoid, smooth, thinwalled. Pleuro and cheilocystidia present, usually containing yellowish brown pigment, slowly dissolving in KOH. Pileipellis a subcutis to trichoderm, becoming a subcutis when mature. Clamp connections absent. 


Index Fungorum number: IF825538


Type species: Erythrophylloporus cinnabarinus Ming Zhang & T.H. Li, in Zhang et al., Mycosystema 37(9): 1119 (2018)



Erythrophylloporus aurantiacus (Halling & G.M. Muell.) Raspé & Vadthanarat 2019

Erythrophylloporus cinnabarinus Ming Zhang & T.H. Li 2018

Erythrophylloporus fagicola (Montoya & Bandala) Raspé & Vadthanarat 2019

Erythrophylloporus paucicarpus Raspé, Vadthanarat & Lumyong 2019

Erythrophylloporus suthepensis Vadthanarat, Raspé & Lumyong 2019


Key reference:

Zhang M, Li TH (2018). Erythrophylloporus (Boletaceae, Boletales), a new genus inferred from morphological and molecular data from subtropical and tropical China. Mycosystema 37(9): 11111126.




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