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Atractocolax pulvinatus

Atractocolax pulvinatus R. Kirschner, R. Bauer & Oberw. 1999, in Kirschner et al., Mycologia, 91(3), 538-543 (1999)

Diagnosis: Basidiocarps pulvinate, hyaline, gelatinous, small, 140-740 µm diam. Hyphae 1-3 µm diam, hyaline, thin-walled, with clamps at the septa. Cystidia and hyphidia absent. Basidia clavate or cylindric, 14-25 X 3-4 µm, with three transverse septa, sometimes delimited from a stalk cell by an additional septum, each basidial cell producing only one basidiospore, sterigmata absent. Basidiospores clavate, hyaline, smooth and thin-walled, 8-12 X 4-4.5 µm, producing secondary blastospores. Secondary blastospores ellipsoid to obovoid, 5-6 X 2.5-3 µm, conjugating pairwise after dehiscence from basidiospores. Subsequent blastosporogenesis not found. Conidiogenous cells absent. Hyphae containing colacosomes visible by TEM.

Index Fungorum Number: IF459670

Figure 1. Atractocolax pulvinatus (scale bar= 10 µm). 1. Elements of the hymenium with basidia in different stages of maturity. 2. Young basidia with nuclei visible in one basidium (cytoplasm spotted). 3. Basidiospores. Some basidiospores producing secondary blastospores. 4. Secondary blastospores.